WCC-JNECCI 2022 goes Hybrid...

Virtual Conference

All registered virtual delegates (VD) will be given access to attend live sessions of WCC-JNECCI 2022. VD will be able to ask questions during the sessions via Q&A option. VD will also get the presentations and videos post conference. VD will also be able to watch all side events like Masterclass sessions, women session, panel discussions & inaugural ceremony including keynote addresses by the distinguished dignitaries.

VD will also be able to network with all PDs (Physical Delegates), speakers and sponsors. Similarly, PD will have the option of networking with VDs through onsite mobile app.


Virtual Exhibition

All VDs and PDs will have the option of seamlessly networking with all virtual exhibitors. All physical exhibitors will also have virtual exhibitions and that will enable VDs to network with all exhibitors. Similarly, all PDs can network with virtual exhibitors using onsite mobile app.

Through Hybrid Conference, we want to offer the most efficient ways of networking and seamless dissemination of information & knowledge.